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Thread: good Suv tires

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    good Suv tires

    So i doubt you guys are too familiar with the 2nd gen sportage, but you do seem to know your tires. I currently have 3 different tires on my car (courtesy of nail in the sidewall) and my front tires shake which drives me nuts.

    im looking for a good set of tires to put on my sportage, oddly enough it handles the corners rather well (went 45 through a 15 the other day). Im looking for tires with some moderately stiff sidewalls, . However its also AWD/4wd so i want something that if i want to go out on the beach or what have you wont get me stuck.

    I guess in short i want something that will give a satisfying driving experience, decent ride quality, and wont embarras me off road.

    I wanted to put the Yokohama avid envigors on it till i remembered the abismal snow results they put out

    the size is 235/60-16.... budget is around 100-135 per tire
    no brand hang ups

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