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Thread: New Tires from Tire Barn, Problems

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    New Tires from Tire Barn, Problems

    Just got 2 brand new BFGoodrich Traction T/A 235/55/16s from Tire Barn (Indianapolis) on my 98 Camaro 3.8. The tires are gorgeous but now I have some problems: the car now pulls to the right. They advertise *free alignment check with purchase. I got the two new tires on the back of my car, moved the two old ones to the front. As I'm getting my keys back from the guys at the counter, I asked if the alignment check showed anything wrong and his response was exactly "no, everything looks ok." The reason I am concerned is now my car is pulling hard to the right and it has never done that before. I didn't notice until after I had gotten on the highway and it was past closing time at that point.

    Does anyone here work at Tire Barn, or has in the past, and know how they do alignment checks? I honestly think the guy was BSing me and the "alignment check" was never done. The website shows this nice little picture, but I know for a fact that my car was never up on any machine like that during the process. They had a window where you could watch your car being worked on. Don't you think if an alignment check was done, it would catch the car pulling like that?
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    Unless something's pretty obviously out of whack, it's going to be hard to check alignment by just looking at the car. If they didn't put your car on the alignment rack, you didn't get an alignment check.
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    I'm guessing that's what happened. I'll just plan on getting some new ones to replace those soon. Thanks for the help.

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    Could be a weight and balance issue, I've always heard to replace all 4 tires at the same time and have them mounted and balanced.

    If you move the right front tire to the left front and still have tracking issues then that tire is the culprit. most likely out of balance.
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