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Thread: 4t65 help!

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    4t65 help!

    Ive actually got 2 of them i need help with.

    First is my 2000 bonneville. The problem started a couple months ago with what sounded like a slight growling sound from the tranny. We figured out when it would make the noise (in park and neutral) and took it to a chevy dealership to have it checked out. After 3 days they manage to "find" about 2k worth of stuff that needed fixed, but nothing with the trans. Took it back again about 2 weeks later when the noise got louder and was told it was some valve or something stuck open or some crap. The noise stayed the same for a while but has just recently gotten quite a bit louder. Its still primarily noticable in park (even louder when on an incline.) Ive searched around the net and cannot get a clear awnser. Some say possible tq converter others have said bearing. Any ideas?

    The next one is my 95 olds 88. I believe this thing has the 4t65 also. About 2 weeks ago i started noticing a little rougher shifts into 3-4 , didnt think much of it until i started hearing an almost squeeling type sound on those same shifts.

    Fluid is full on both cars, did notice a metal shaving or 2 in the bonneville
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    only thing i know from having 3 of these, hmmm , lovely transmissions, go bad, is that the fluid pumps fail and cause problems the make noise and affect shifting and everthing else. try some lucas stop slip in the bonneville that might help, got me an extra 20k out of one tranny

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