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Thread: My Series III 1999 Firebird 3.8 v6 turbo build

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex553 View Post
    The passenger header hits the HVAC case, I dont have A/C so It wasnt a big deal for me to destroy it.
    Sweet, can you post pics of it installed? You think I can save my A/C with some modding? Would really like to kŤep it, but if it has to go to fit its being deleted. Lol

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    Pm you number so i can show you

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    Can't figure out how to post pics on here, so I posted on

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    The only fitment issue was the passenger manifold hitting the Hvac case?

    So I assume you didnít have the ac Lines or accumulator in place anyway?

    I was trying to see if I could some how save my ac. And I donít mind doing minor modifications to the vehicle....I just donít want to to have to modify the kit lol.

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