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    Since I am one of those people constantly asking for help on little things, especially asking for pictures. there should be a How-To section or Write-Up (with pictures and step by step procedures). I think LS1tech has something like it. Anyway it's not like I would be able to contribute much but I am more than sure the great minds within this site have written elaborate write ups.
    Thank you FTV6

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    someone needs to make those write ups first. youve done some work yourself on your car, get the ball rollin!

    i think we should have a memorable threads/epic threads/something similar section, ive read a few funny old locked threads that deserve to be enjoyed

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    We have those already. Typically they are Stickied at the top of their respective sub-forums. If there is thread you feel worthy of being stickied for one reason or another, use the Report function and in the reason state that you think it needs stickied and give some solid reasons why. The staff here will review it and determine if the thread is appropriate for that. I thought I put up a thread on outlining what is expected from a "Write up" but I haven't seen where I put that. For the time being, check out some of the stickied threads and see how they were done and try to emulate them.

    Typically closed threads are just that. They ran their course and need no further communication in them. Usually this is because they got out of hand with people arguing to no end, trolling, or it was a topic that eventually violated the rules of the forum. Of course there are old threads that are hilarious, my personal two favorites are the FTV6 Neverending Story and the Trial of BlackBetty. Sadly though the FTV6 story never continued and after that trial thread my friend Danny(blackbetty) ended up leaving this forum with only brief visits back here and there. If you want to search old threads that is fine, honestly it is a big part of how you learn the forum dynamic and in general information pertaining to the subject you are searching for. Having another section for them to be put in is going to take up more server space and in all honesty, probably have the possibility of bringing up old, hurt feelings...we can be a bit of a sensitive group here.

    Thanks for the idea, I do appreciate you trying to help add to the forum. I encourage anyone to make suggestions, I even made a thread about it.
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