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Thread: 6L80-E 6 speed Transmission swap in 3.4 f-body?

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    6L80-E 6 speed Transmission swap in 3.4 f-body?

    Would this be a good swap in my 95 3.4 camaro. what kind of performance, gas mileage increase could i get from this? tell me what you think?

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    The money time and effort wouldn't show a huge difference in performance, or mpg. Idk the gearing in them but i do know they are heavy as hell and getting you're cars computer to run it would be hard. It seems like allot of work for little to no gain. It would be cool as hell but that's about it I would THINK.

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    why not a do a t56? Much less hassle (still a pain). Then with the standard you would see better fuel mileage, better launches, and more fun for less than the cost and the weight of the 6L80
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    afik, they will not physically fit in an fbody.

    Then there's the whole issue of fitting it to the engine and then trying to get the engine to work with the new trans
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    Before I state more of the obvious, why are you concidering this swap?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Driver_10 View Post
    Before I state more of the obvious, why are you concidering this swap?
    Well I figure the new 6 speed transmissions are better, smoother shifting....ect and would work well with a modded 3.4. Its just a thought , i wouldn't do it unless i could get many benefits from the swap. also my auto trans is starting to cause me problems, reverse lags then kicks in real hard, and it seems like it doesn't want to shift sometimes when i get up to speed.

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    What's your budget and skill level is a more appropriate question. You can buy a nice 4l60e that can handle 500hp for a coupe grand and it bolts in.

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    FWIW: i briefly looked into how the 6L80 is controlled.... it has 2 shift solenoids and 5(no, that's not a typo) pressure control solenoids. it seems like a total PITA to try and control, and then you have to get around the fact that it's TCM is integral to the valve body, meaning you'll need to either communicate with it via a CAN network or find some way around it and control it with a TCM that will render the original one useless.

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    I will offer these words to you:
    Do whatever you want to your car - but realize that it is your decision and your risk.

    When I first undertook the 3.4/3400 steps, even the 3.4 guys were telling me that the gain wasn't enough to undertake the r&d needed to get everything working. I did it anyway. Why? Because I wanted to. I just wanted to do something that seemed perfectly logical to me and no one else realized (at the time). That being said, be mindful of EVERYONE that gives you advice.

    Don't dismiss anyone's suggestions, even if you choose to move ahead regardless of them. Sometimes even the nay-sayers will give you good information that will help you down an avenue you might not have thought of. Be careful - think everything out ahead of time, and STAY ORGANIZED (biggest thing). Also realize that if you are undertaking this it may render your only car useless for the duration - or even permanently (this is indeed possible). You will, in customizing your car as such - make a lot of mechanics not want to help you later down the road (if you so need it).

    This place is awesome, make full use of it - listen to everyone - but if you really have your heart set on making this happen in your car, then by all means follow your heart and do what you must. Just do it carefully and with purpose.

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    Hey everyone, I am new here and am bringing this thread back from the dead. I am looking to swap a S/C 3800 into my Jeep Comanche and was originally planning on using a 4L60E. As I thought more about the swap, I started considering the 6L50 or a 6L80 for 2 main benefits. 1) the lower 1st gear ratio for rock crawling & 2) 6-spd vs. 4 for improved MPG on the road.

    dp1993 - did you ever pursue this swap? Or has anyone else swapped a 6L50/80?

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