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Thread: Using the search feature.

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    Using the search feature.

    Since the most recent vBulletin upgrade, many members have complained about the lack luster search feature. Epic was nice enough to add on the Google Custom Search feature in the upper right-hand corner below the Sponsor banner. You can still use Vbulletin software provided search feature by clicking Advanced Search. I highly recommend going this route and perhaps we might once again get an actual Search tap at the top again.

    The issue everyone has with the search feature is that there are two tabs; Search Multiple Content Types and Search Single Content Type.

    When the search feature is opened, you are on the Search Multiple Content Types tap. This search feature doesn't net the results most are used to with vbulletin style search software. Which led to many complaints and a temporary fix it until later with the Google search.

    Click the Search Single Content Type tab, leave the Search In field alone (Search Type: drop down should be "Posts"). The key area you want to use for searching is the Search for Posts field; Keyword(s): and User Name:, for Keywords you can select "Search Entire Posts" or "Search Titles Only", for User Name you can select "Find Posts by User" or "Find Threads Started by User".

    You can further refine your search to specific sub-forums and dates posted. I will go into further detail later on, but for the time being just play around with it.

    This will get you started, I've been putting this off for a while and at least for now there is a skeleton of a "How to" for everyone. I will divert more energy into this when I can, but it might be a few days. This past week hasn't been the best for me, it seems as though I have some sort of stomach flu that has caused a great deal of discomfort at any random point during the day.
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    Good post Bryce.
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