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Thread: how much would u pay for my GP

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    how much would u pay for my GP

    i have a 98 gp gt black with original honey comb rims, black body black interior, 3.8 and the whole front end was replaced but still vibrates violently at highway speed and the tranny shifts late and i haft to take it easy when accelerating and un-regular maintenance im 16 dont have enough money to maintain it on a regular basis so i was wondering what would u pay for my gp with the front end and tranny problems

    ps im not selling right now just doing research

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    Prolly be lucky to see many miles?
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    Oh man, you might be better off using it as a trade in with as many problems that it has. That would probably be the easiest way to wipe your hands of any liability, because that just sounds like a firestorm of trouble.
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    it depends on how apparent the problems are when test driving it. If it drives pretty normal and the interior is nice and the exterior is in good shape you might get 2500 for it. If it is a bit rough and drives like it is rough you'll be luck to get 1500 for it. Hopefully it's not rusty that will help a bit too.
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