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Thread: So I finally enlisted in the Navy

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    Good Luck, I have been through some similar pain as you... Joined the Air Force at 24, 2nd oldest guy in my flight. 3 years younger than a Nation Guard guy going through... Did my 6 years, got out, and transferred over to National Guard. Best full time job I could get. Nothing better then working on jets, working outside, and getting the pay/benefits that I get now. Enjoy it. Its an experience.
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    I was actually the 8th oldest in my division in boot camp. Oldest guy was 32. I'm in Charleston now, classes start on Tuesday. I had the shortest indoc period you can have (timing). I got EM out of the 3 nuke rates. I wanted ET more but needs of the Navy I guess. The base here is pretty awesome. I can't wait to phase up so I can wear civilian clothes and get my car though. What'd I miss while I was gone?
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    Ahh I remember the days of needing to phase in the Army when I was in training. Congrats. I understand it isn't exactly what you want but at least you are in the same basic area right?
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