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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino2104 View Post
    Meh... It wouldn't be THAT far out of my way. It'd require me dropping down to 10 instead of taking 20 straight through. Not that big of a deal. No guarantees about the red car though. We'll see if I still even have her by then. If so then yeah I'll bring her provided she's behaving properly.

    I'm game for just about whenever. April would be good.
    just tow it with the truck so you know you can get home lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacSteve View Post
    just tow it with the truck so you know you can get home lol
    If I bring it she's getting towed for sure. I'm not giving that charlatan the chance to strand my ass in the middle of nowhere.
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    Spring next year? Hummm, I would have to see my school sechedule, and work...

    But If i could get off work, me and the woman meet out there! I could have more mods by then anyway!!
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