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Thread: Misfire under boost

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    Quote Originally Posted by 04LSS View Post
    I just finished a rebuild on my l67 monte, and im having the same exact issue, soon as boost hits, engine light on surging starts and power drops. I was wondering before this happened did you ever have a slightly rough idle? my coilpacks have 180k on em so i think its time for new ones. Thanks for the info!
    Coilpacks wont cause a rough idle. They will cause a misfire. Check your MAP sensor and all plugs along with vacuum leaks. Grab some NGKTR6 and you should be good to go. If all else fails then scan the ECU and see exactly what is malfunctioning.

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    I had a issue in boost to with a misfire.ran fine under boost but got in it and pop bam pop...well I kept melting a boot on pass side turbo mani build and then it would arc causing a miss....

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    Running turbo car but.......for how long? up to 25#'s so far so good
    11.63 @118.9 1.63 60' Best trap 119.6
    After almost 30k miles it popped, junk yard L26 going in with a better turbo
    Ooops, I did it again, lol.

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