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    Wink axle swap

    im new on here but i got a 06 silverado 4.3 single cab and im wantin to do a solid axle swap? any one got any ideas what kinda axle or gearing to use???

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    You talking about swapping out the IFS, right? I really don't know what you'll get out of here.
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    Not sure how you would go about doing that, but I'm guessing it would involve some fabrication and engineering.

    Actually it looks like there may be some bolt-on kits available, such as through, but they are definitely not cheap.

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    You gonna do some offroading or something?

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    Even if he were, IFS has its advantages.

    I would start by measuring the current setup a million ways and figuring out what solid axle + leaf springs rig is going to be the best swap into that. I don't think it would be too hard to bolt the shackle brackets to a previously IRS truck but you have to put them in the right place such that when you flex and the rear moves towards the rear bumper you do not have clearance issues. The setup of your shackle mounts and how the flex is going to be key. You'll need to fab some shock mounts, as I am guessing the stock ones are close to the coils and probably not ideal for live rear with leaves.

    One other thing - when picking a live rear, do yourself a favor and get some axles with the same bolt pattern as your fronts. You will hate yourself later if you do not.

    Gearing is a function of transmission and final OD of the tires you want to run. What trans do you have, what are the gears in it, and do you have an xfer case, and what is it's gearing, etc.
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    SAS is hardly worth the effort

    you first need to consider what transmission you are running, and then what transfer case you are running

    for the most part.. yoru best off to just take the front end (dana 44) out of an old K5 blazer

    need some more information on why you feel the need for a SAS in the first place though

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    if your going to wheel it then solid axle is the way to go. gm's ifs doesn't liked to be flexed out at all the cv axles tend to blow apart very easily especially with a little lift involved. The setup is pretty good at stock heights but doesn't handle extra lift to well. petersens 4wd off road had a great couple articles on trying to build a ifs mid 90's chevy gmc truck. look up the red sled. you will see how quickly they destroyed axles repeatedly in the truck and finally the front diff. they never made it more then about 5 mins each run about before it let go.

    as for a solid swap. there is some serious work involved. first off are you good a welder because some welding will be needed. to make some control arm brackets.

    i'm guessing that you have a 10 bolt in the rear, you will probably want to address that someday. but truthfully a d44 would be a geat choice. however once you get bigger tires on there you will probably want to get even bigger tires. so i would look for a non king pin d60 front end. it's big, strong, and has a huge amount of ring and pinion and locker options.

    for the rear axle i wouldn't waist one cent on the 10 bolt i would do a ford 8.8. It's the ultimate budget bulletproof rear end. i would put chromolly shafts in it and 9 inch axle ends to eliminate the c clips and run a locker. these are as strong as 9 inch but take less horse power to turn. Another good option that is more of a direct bolt in is a gm corp 14 bolt. super strong axle, doesn't have the greatest ground clearance but is stronger then a build 8.8 from a larger tire stand point because of the over all size of the ring and pinion. plus the 14 would be a fairly direct bolt in in your truck were as a 8.8 will need to have shock mount and leaf mounts moved and modded to work.
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