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Thread: Dam hail f*cked my car

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    I know my friend back in VA owned the Dent doctor franchise and he would charge around 100 bucks to smooth out the quarter panels on some of the F-bodies with ripples..
    Yeah, I noticed this with Fbodies. My Camaro has the same ripples on the rear quarter panels. Why do they do this? Is it flex fatigue or something??

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    thanks for all the replies, my mom's altima got completely dented and it did have full coverage, were going to take it to see the costs, and im certain that its easily over 500. Probably we can get a really high estimate, claim a check, and fix both cars on my friends body shop

    Ill probably get a ram air hood while am at it, it would be nice

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    Sorry to hear about the damage.

    Good luck with the repairs

    Quote Originally Posted by SnIpEr View Post
    meh, Camaro > Mustang. No matter what
    Quote Originally Posted by Capone View Post
    You can say that to my taillights.

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