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Thread: Brake/turn signal issue

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    Brake/turn signal issue

    Got an 07 GP 3800 here that is having issues with the driver side brake light and turn signal. Both lights do not work and the left turn signal blinks really fast. I pulled both bulbs from the assembly but they are not blown. I was thinking maybe a blown fuse but the owners manual doesn't have one for the rear lights listed that I could find. Which ones do I need to check? any other thoughts?
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    Buy new bulbs, put them in. Cheap insurance to eliminate a possible problem instead of chasing your tail. Inspect the sockets while you're at it. This seems like a bulb problem to me, even though you say they look alright.
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    also do not over look the 194s

    i know the 97-03 body has them and they are hard to notice when they go out ask me how i know
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    If the rear blinkers where out it would say on the DIC. At least it does on mine. Theirs a fuse box in the engine bay on the passenger side flip it and check that it the new bulbs dont work.
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    it sounds like the socket is out on that side from what your describing. grab a test light and check it out.

    If there is no power back there check the harness right behind the socket if there is power there the socket is bad. If there is no power there you need to go check for power coming out of the turn signal switch. If there is no power coming out of the turn signal switch then you need a new turn signal switch. If there is power coming out of it its a wiring issue.

    on that car the brake light switch feeds and input into the turn signal switch which then determines if the rear brake light comes on or if the it flashes for a directional signal.
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    Left/rear turn&brake light no worky

    GOOD call on your suggestion for checking the bulb socket. I had the same problem where the driver side front turn signal would flash really fast and no brake light on the driver side (wheather the flasher was on or not) - despite having good bulbs all around. This problem was intermittent. Usually only while the engine was running would the problem surface. While parked and engine off, ignition on 'run' I also ran the hazzards, confirming the only bulb not flashing was the one on the rear driver side tail light, all other bulbs flashing normally.
    With the turn signal engaged for left turn, I took your suggestion and gently handled the wires to the brake bulb socket when suddenly the bulb began flashing. I found that the solid black wire in socket C was pulled out a bit. Not sure how to disassemble the bulb socket for proper wire repairs within, I forced the wire back into it's place. Seems to be good for now. If not, off to th the bone yard for a replacement socket and some soldering.
    I'm just glad I don't have to tear apart the steering column to replace the turn signal lever. whoa!
    Thanks again for your help!

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