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Thread: Moving to Alaska

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    Moving to Alaska

    Im going to be moving to Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska in August. Anybody been there? Im kinda looking foward going and making the extra money as well. Please give me some tips or experiences if you have been there. Thanks.

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    Never been there, but Montana can get just as cold. You will figure out what you need to wear to stay warm in time. You will be in temps that will cause frostbite on any exposed skin in minutes, so everything has to be covered. Pay attention to your feet, I recommend foot warmers if you will be working outside. The best thing to do is to acclimate yourself to the temperatures. I can work comfortably in the field when its around 10F outside with no ABU blouse on. Oh and don't worry about temps around -50, everything feels the same after -20 (pain).

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