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Thread: Shock choice guide.

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    Well at this point in time if you have stock shocks then you need new ones. The 4th gens are getting pretty old (though not loved any less) so it's safe to assume you need to replace the stockers. There is then the simple test of pushing hard down on the car above the shock. If is moves up once and settles relatively quickly then you are good. This is a very basic test and not all that accurate other than with the most blown of shocks. Another way to know is if the car feels "floaty" going down the road. My favorite way to give a quick check is to take the car to an abandoned car lot and do some slalom. You will be able to feel body role, and control doing this. The last way is if you hit a pot hole or other obstacle and the car does not come back to normal quickly then you may have a blown shock. Leaking shocks are a sure sign they are shot.

    As for dealers, I have had great experiences with a lot of people but Strano has been a step above when it comes to suspension. Just be ready to answer questions about your goals with the car, because he will ask a lot to make sure you get what you really want.
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    will the spring seats from the stock front shocks work with bilstein front shocks, or is it recommended to replace the spring seats as well?

    i ask because i have the bilstein shocks in my cart from strano performance but i'm not sure if they come with replacement seats. also, this will be my first time replacing or even remotely fucking with suspension.
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    You need to either take the stock seats off the stock shocks or buy new ones. The Bilsteins don't come with them.
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