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Thread: Everything Drag Racing! Check here First

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    Exclamation Everything Drag Racing! Check here First

    Start Here: (Information provided by Grimm)

    These are the FAQs related to this section of the forum.

    My apologies for any FAQs that have missing pictures in them. Sometime during one of the last two upgrades, I lost a good chuck on my FAQ pictures and can't get them back.

    Any FAQ marked with "WIP" is a work in progress. That may mean that someone is in the process of writing something for it, or more likely there's been nothing written for it at all.

    Also note that in some cases the information in the FAQs may be slightly incorrect or outdated. Some of these were written way back when the forum first opened, and new ideas and techniques have been learned since then. If any changes or updates need to be made, PM me with the updated info and I'll see to getting everything back up to speed.

    Drag Racing FAQs

    Track Locations: Provided by FloydSummerOf68 and LNorton
    Speedways Online - Dragstrip Website Directory

    Weight Reduction: Provided by shodown and Little G

    1/8 Mile to 1/4 mile converstion: Provided by FloydSummerOf68 and usd2sing

    DA correction factor and 0-60 MPH formulas: Provided by Dom and FloydSummerOf68
    DA correction factor formula.

    0-60 MPH formula

    This is a GREAT density altitude calculator that will look up the conditions of your track. Select your local track from the list and then select the time that you ran to find out what your Denisty Altitude was.

    It then has a "correction" factor by entering in your 1/4 et and mph and it will show what you "should" run at sea level.

    EVERYONE needs to use this and post what your DA was when you put up timeslips and ask for help or advice. Without knowing your DA we have no idea how your car is running.
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