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Thread: Abbott review: Extremly unhappy

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    Quote Originally Posted by GS Jon View Post
    How about this for being a man: Cleaning up the thread.

    Enough banter.
    I ws just thinking the same, not fair to patrick, now get to erasing!!!

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    To sum this up, nothing else was found to have any issues, only the con rods. The shop has fixed the con rods so they all match. The new bearings have been speced out and will be going to the coaters next week. It really sucks to see how one missed dimension can fuck up an expensive build. Nevertheless, what really sucks it that Abbott racing heads never owned up to their mistake and my wallet has to take the beating. With all the back and forth I have had with this engine, one would think Abbott would have done all they could to make sure they did the right thing.

    To Abbott racing heads,
    I'm extremely disappointed that you have not even tried to contact me to make this right. It really shows how much you think of your customers. I’ve spent a significant amount of money that I should have never spent. I never asked for anything other than for you to build one badass engine. I ended up fixing your work on several occasions and even shipped the entire engine back to you, at my expense, for you to fix something you missed. After replacing the front cover, numerous gaskets and seals, countless man hours spent pulling the engine a number of times (for your mistakes), I never came back to you asking for anything, and definitely never asked you for money back. I honestly feel like you have taken advantage of my generosity and laid back personality. It is shitty that you have just left me hanging on the latest problem. The engine had less than 1000 miles on it and due to your poor build, the engine failed. After all this I purchased (before I identified the engine spun some bearings) some new valve springs and you charged me 100 dollars more than other shops charge. I never complained about that either. I was a big supporter of your shop, but frankly, i think your shop has its priorities messed up.

    I should get the car back on the road sometime in June. With the latest hit to my wallet I’ll have to postpone the fuel upgrades I planned on. I’ll be concentrating on just getting the car back on the road. Maybe by late summer I can push for 1000 HP out of this V6.
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    It's sad we haven't seen any input whatsoever from Abbott. Glad you and the shop got it figured out. Good luck, and we're all waiting to see what this car will do now
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    And that ends it. There's no need for anyone else to respond to this thread, but I am going to keep it open in case Abbott wishes to post in here.

    I'll be deleting any worthless responses from people who are not involved from here on out.
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