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Thread: I hate ORI's

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    Red face I hate ORI's

    oh how I hate ORI's let me count the ways

    Is it the fact that we have to do something we done 1000 times yet for the one time where we are going to be evaluated on it we fuck up majorly no.

    is it the fact we have predent to deploy to a fake country that doesn't exist and stand around for hours on end pretending to in and out process no

    is it the fact i have to work 12 hour shifts no

    I think its the fact I have to get taken off my shit and go to another shift with all the people I hate to work with because they shit on their ass all day long and don't do anything and no one says shit to them. And the fact I still have a week of this shit to deal with makes we wanna go walk up to wall and repeadted hit myself in the head until I have to go to the hospital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasher View Post
    ...because they shit on their ass all day long...
    Wow, gross.

    But yeah, I HATE ORIs. We had two in two years. Usually it's once every two. We got jumped. Nothing made me hate being a cop worse than the ORIs.
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    HAHA. ORIs. Wait, I have 28 days til ORI. Doh!
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    We are going thru one here at Initial Flight Screening right now then once I get home in a few weeks, I'll do one at my home base as well

    I dont have any responsibility for the one here at IFS though...Im just a student, but they are taking our pubs from us, making us take ANOTHER boldface test and asking us a bunch of questions. The one at my home base will suck a lot more dick than this one.
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    We just got through our ORI last week. We got lucky and came out of it with an excellent. This ORI team already failed 3 other fighter bases in the past 6 months so I guess we actually know what we are doing. Even though we dropped a bomb and punctured a missile with a loading adapter. Well, good news is I wont have to do one for another 2.5 years.
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