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    Forced Induction Registry

    Resurrected and reformatted for turbocharged and supercharged cars. Please post detailed specs about the unit you are running because as you probably know there are many trims for something like a "T4" and it will help the other members if they can see which trims and A/Rs others are using.

    Your SN here.
    Self explanatory
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: Manufacturer and detailed specs if possible
    Kit: List who built the kit
    Boost and Power: List boost pressure and dyno number if you have it
    Other info: Whatever you want to say about it. No need for your life story though. You can list single or twin somewhere and I will place it in the appropriate category.

    Please cut and paste this into your text box and fill in the info. Do not deviate from the format.
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    Name: Shodown
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1997 3.8L Camaro A4
    Turbo Specs: MP T70 turbo
    Kit: Forced Fed Fabrications "under K member" kit
    Boost and Power: 9 (12 soon)
    Other info: TIAL 38mm BOV, JDM 38mm wastegate (ebay), custom made intercooler

    Name: Teufel Hunden
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1998 3.8L Camaro GeForce T5
    Turbo Specs: GT4082R
    Kit: Me
    Boost and Power: 18psi, 469rwhp, 586rwtq
    Other info: Profec-B Spec II boost controller, methanol injection, TurboXS BOV, Tial Wastegate.

    Name: dmw319
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1997 3.8L V6, with 2000 motor/tranny
    Turbo Specs: Turbonetics T-70 ceramic ball bearing turbo - .68 A/R
    Kit: Force Fed Fabrications - Forward Flowing Header kit
    Boost and Power: 7psi
    Other info: xp hot cam, 3500 stall, etc

    Name: TurboV6Camaro
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1997 3.8l Camaro auto
    Turbo Specs: Master power T70 .70 cold side and .68 Hot side P trim wheel
    Kit: Forced Fed Fabrications Fwd flow headers
    Boost and Power: 17PSI best 1/8 mile of 7.39 at 95 MPH
    Other info: 4600 stall.

    Name: Linxs
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1997 3.8 Camaro T56 conversion
    Turbo Specs: Forced inductions S74 (custom made serial #1) 74mm ETT wheel, 105mm ETT exducer, .80A/R, 84mm LDP turbine wheel, 4" inlet, 3.25" outlet, 3.5" downpipe
    Kit: Forced Fed Fabrications Fwd flow headers
    Boost and Dyno: 14 ( soon 25-30PSI), 503rwhp
    Other info: JGS 50mm WG piston type, Turbosmart Megasonic BOV, motor fully built and ported by Abbott racing heads, T56 conversion by Six Speeds Inc.

    Name: electricalengineer
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 2000 L36 Firebird A4
    Turbo Specs: Garrett T3 hybrid turbo, T04S .70 AR coldside housing with 70mm 60-1 compressor wheel. .63 AR hotside housing with 76mm stage 5 turbine wheel.
    Kit: FFF prototye piping and intercooler as foundation, has been completely reworked by a local shop for better fitment.
    Boost and Power: .5 bar WG spring with BC raising boost to 9psi. No dyno figures yet.
    Other info: Tial 38mm WG, eBay bosch style stainless steel BOV, homemade boost controller. Walbro 255lph fuel pump and GTP injectors (hitting 100% duty cycle at 9psi). Hptuners as a tuning solution, LC1 wideband for AFR monitoring. 3 pillar mounted gauges, Fuel Pressure, Boost/Vacuum and Wideband AFR. Purchased Performabuilt stage 1 4L60E and 3500 stall converter (still waiting on converter). 105k on the clock about 3-4k with boost and the car is running perfectly!

    Name: Turningfast
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1998 3.8 A4 Firebird
    Turbo Specs: Turbonetics 62-1 compressor, T3 Stg 5 .63 A/R turbine
    Boost and Power: up to 25-26psi, normally around 22psi
    Other info: Completely stock car: 125K engine, trans, 3.08 rear (kit installed at 115K). Only mods are the turbo kit, built my me, HP tuners, and the 57# injectors. Turbo set up consists of 38mm tial wg, 50 mm tial BOV, Precision intercooler, aluminum cold side, forward header hotside, GReddy boost conroller, meth injection, ect...

    Name: N2OEQIP
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1997 3.8L Camaro auto
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: Turbonetics t3/t4 hybird 60 trim
    Kit: 1 off kit from Excessive Auto Sports
    Boost and Power: As of right now only 10 lbs of boost going at 345 rwhp and 398 torque.
    Other info: Only FI camaro running on E85. Running 65 lbs injectors, Abbott turbo cam, Tial wastegate with 15 lb spring.

    Name: D1abloV6
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 2002 3.8L Camaro A4
    Turbo Specs: T04B T-70 Garrett internals .68 A/R
    Kit: Kidcamaro98's FFH
    Boost and Power: 8 psi
    Other info: Bone stock motor, Greddy type-RS bov, JDM 38mm wastegate w. 12 lb spring, 31x12x3 FMIC, etc..

    Name: iGoRa
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1998 3.8l Firebird M5
    Turbo Specs: MP T70 810015 P-trim
    Kit: Build by me: Using 2000+ cast manifolds.Front mount Over K setup.Intercooled.
    Boost and Power: 8PSI
    Other info: Stock motor

    Name: Meemperor
    1997 3800 Firebird T5
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: PT-66
    Kit: Cartuning Performance bolt on kit
    Boost and Power: Low boost for now, dyno numbers to come
    Other info: Bone stock motor holding up great! Kit looks awesome

    Name: Buillt_70
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 2000/3.8/4L60E
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: Godspeed t3/t60-1 .63 exhaust .70 compressor
    Kit: Home Built Mid Mount ( turbo in front of rear axle )
    Boost and Power: 8lbs
    Other info: Bone Stock Motor, OBX 38mm waste gate, Tial 50mmq BOV, 60lb Injectors and of course HP Tuners. Goal 10lb for street 15 W/meth for track.

    Name: Fondle
    1999 3.8l, built T5 tranny
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: MP t70 .68
    Kit: custom kit built by myself
    Boost and Power: running 9-14lbs daily, no numbers yet

    Name: skalor
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1989 3.8l Cutlass Ciera A4
    Turbo Specs: Turbonetics 60-1 with a P-trim wheel in a .68 A/R housing
    Kit: me
    Boost and Power: 14 psi - 376HP/371TQ
    Other info: stock L67, stock 4T65EHD, Tial 38mm wastegate, FMIC, 3" exhaust

    Name: Matt Hawkins
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1987 Pontiac Fiero, 3.4l DOHC LQ1 from 95 Monte Carlo, stock Fiero getrag 5-speed
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: Garrett GT3071R w/ ATP turbo T3 0.63 exhaust housing, Tial 38mm
    Kit: I built everything.
    Boost and Power: 13.5 psi, 415 WHP - 11.9 @ 118
    Other info: 87 Pontiac Fiero GT, 3.4l DOHC V6 from 1995 Monte Carlo; Ported/polished combustion chambers; good bolts in bottom end; hypereutectic pistons; custom intake manifold; 38 lb/hr injectors; Haltech E6K ECU; custom tubular stainless headers and crossover; GT3071r turbo; Tial 38mm wastegate; Fidenza Al flywheel; Clutchnet six puck sprung hub clutch; large Ebay intercooler core with custom end tanks/draw fans mounted under car; I spin the engine to 7k with a 7200 rev limiter

    Name: FierWhoaa
    1984 Fiero, 3800S2, Getrag 5-speed.
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: Master Power T-70
    Kit: All home made.
    Other info: AEM EMS, Spearco 230, Meziere IC pump, Scirocco FMHE

    Name: vortecfiero
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 87/262 /Fiero GT/MG3 5 speed
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: Garrett T31 punched out to P trim turbine with a H3 compressor
    Kit: not a kit... home built
    Other Info: boost pressure 5 to 15 psig ecm controlled (not dynoed) GMC Syclone intake fuel system and modified ecm with moats adapter Custom A/W intercooler and DevilsOwn alky water injection


    Name: tease
    Year/motor/car/tranny: Black 2000 3.8 Series 2 Camaro A4
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: 2 Precision Industries 60mm turbos
    Kit: Custom Twin Turbo Kit by Finish Line Performance in Naperville, IL
    Boost and Power: 14psi - shakedown runs 12.3 in the 1/4mile Can go over 21psi
    Other info: Built 3.8 Series 2 V6, Precision Turbo Custom Intercooler, Racetronix Twin In-Tank Fuel Pump System, Big Stuff 3 Computer System, LS1 78mm Throttle Body, Custom Throttle Body Adapter Plate, True Dual Exhaust System, Custom Power Steering Line, A/C Line and Heater Hoses, PA Racing Custom K-Member, QA1 12 Way Adjustable Shocks, Custom 3 inch Driveshaft, FLT Level 5 4L60E , PI Torque Converter, Strange Engineering 12 Bolt Rear End with 3.73 Gear.

    Name: Infinite7z
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1992, 3.4L (from a 1994 Camaro) Geo Metro, 5speed
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: 2 t25/t28 (ebay) turbos, .86 AR.
    Kit: I built it
    Boost and Power: 8 psi street, 12 psi at the track
    Other info: small turbos for now, stock 3.4l camaro engine with 180000 miles LOL and yes its going in a Geo metro.


    Name: Merlin
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1996 3.8 Camaro T5
    Supercharger Specs: Eaton M90
    Kit: JJB Engineering and fabrication.
    Boost and Power: 5 (soon 15)
    Other info: Xp cam

    Name: NCState98
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1998 3.8L Camaro A4
    Supercharger Specs: P1-SC
    Kit: Mach Performance with an NCState Strength Plate
    Boost and Power: 10psi 262hp/333tq
    Other info: stock 150k+ motor, pacesetter headers, Alkycontrol Meth Injection

    Name: Pathogen
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1999 3.8L Firebird A4 (Manual shift)
    Supercharger Specs: ProCharger D1SC
    Kit: Shaffer Engineering
    Boost and Power: 10+? and coming soon
    Other info: 3-core intercooler (31x12x3"), HKS SSQV, XP Hot cam, ZZP stage 3 heads, ARD 8.4:1 Engine. Custom manual shift, FWD pattern 4L60 from Chesapeake Transmission (MD)

    Name: The Crow
    Year/motor/car/tranny: Black 2001 3.8 Series II Camaro A4
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: Powerdyne BD-11A supercharger
    Kit: RKSport Kit with Custom discharge tube.
    Boost: 6.5 psi
    Other info: Y87 Performance Package, Four-wheel Disc Brakes (J65), ABS Brakes, Sport Steering (14.4:1 ratio – same as V8 cars), Auburn Limited Slip Differential (G80), 180 Stat, Vortec Fuel Management Unit, Pacesetter Headers, Full MSD Ignition, NGK Plugs, Flowmaster Custom Quad Center Exhaust, Drilled/Slotted Rotors, LENSO 18 x 8.5 Alloy wheels, Kumho 265/35's, H&R Springs, Hotchkis Strut tower brace, BMR Lower Control Arms, BMR Panhard Bar, BMR Subframe Connectors, Eibach Front and Rear Sway Bars, KYB AGX Adjustable Shocks/Struts, Transgo Stage 2 Shift Kit w/ Corvette Servo, Thunder Racing Rear End Cover, Hayden Transmission Cooler, 3.42 Gears

    Name: RyanAndyBob
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1998 3.8L Camaro A4
    Supercharger Specs: Powerdyne DB-11A
    Kit: RK Sport
    Boost and Power: 9Psi

    Name: Crazyjay2101
    Year/motor/car/tranny 2005 3.8 Monte Carlo SS a4
    Supercharger Specs: Eaton M90
    Boost and Power: 11lbs
    Other info: ported exhaust manifolds to be installed soon

    Name: Razor789
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 2005, 3.8L Grand Prix GTP-A4
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: EATON Gen V -M90
    Boost and Power: Max PSI -11lbs
    Other info: Bolt ons ect..

    Name: zuulmusic
    2001 3.8 L36 Grand Prix auto
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: Novi-1000 centrifugal supercharger
    Kit: ZZP
    Boost and Power: 7psi
    Other info: TOG headers, powertuner

    Name: Amagine
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 2005, 3.8L Grand Prix GTP 4t65E HD LSD
    Supercharger Specs: EATON Gen V M90
    Boost and Power: stock 8-12 psi
    Other info: stock as a rock

    Name: Blown 4.3
    Year/moter/car/tranny: 57 4.3 3200 chevy truck 4-speed
    Turbo or supercharger specs: BDS 471
    Boost: 4-5psi
    Other info: Comp Cam with a 525 lift 110 duration truck still under construction

    Name: Justa 6
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1980 231V6 Sunbird (H-body) 4spd Muncie
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: Blower Drive Service 4:71
    Kit: They custom fab'ed my intake adding pop off valve N blower mount. Sent me unmachined pulleys/spacers, when finished I had the 1st street package N they had the spec's to sell a kit.
    Other info: Set it up for 16lbs boost.....2lbs better than Gran National....NO LAG
    They also helped me with a Mallory (prototype) duel point distributor. HEI would not clear blower snout. Since upgraded to Uni-lite. Kenne Bell Buick helped with cam/valvetrain/duel timing chain.

    Name: Slinky
    Year/motor/car/tranny: 1995 3400/3500 Hybrid Chevrolet Beretta 4T60e Auto
    Turbo or Supercharger Specs: Vortech V9-G S/c
    Kit: RSM kit built for a Grandam, modified by me
    Boost: 7-8psi aftercooled, est 270whp
    Other info: I am told i currently own the only supercharged street legal Beretta in the world, i took a s/c kit upgraded the bearings, shaft and jammed it in my engine bay with a Comptech aftercooler..
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    Resurrected and reformatted for turbocharged and supercharged cars. Please post detailed specs about the unit you are running because as you probably know there are many trims for something like a "T4" and it will help the other members if they can see which trims and A/Rs others are using.
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