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Thread: I need some help guys (Howard County MD)

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    Unhappy I need some help guys (Howard County MD)

    Between 7:30 PM last night and 6:30 AM this morning someone broke into my car while it was at my apartment complex in Ellicott City and stole stuff from my car ... I have a feeling most of this stuff is going to end up sold off or in pawn shops. There are no garages in this complex.

    I am missing:
    12 disc trunk-mounted AC Delco (Monsoon) CD changer. This changer has (or had) mostly original mix CDs in it. - the changer was cut from the wiring harness.

    1 blue and silver alum. Harbor Freight (US General) "light weight" floor jack.

    1 RED Craftsman 4 drawer tool chest/box full of tools. -- Has a Teckademics "Mischief" sticker and Destroy stickers - may have others on it
    Most of the stuff in that box is Craftsman/GearWrench ... but at this point I don't have a clue what all was in it.

    1 catalytic converter for a 1991 Nissan Stanza in a green box with the address for "Jeff Goss" on it.

    This incident is on file with Howard County Police. If you see or notice anything that could potentially be on this list, I'd appreciate the notice ... and Howard County PD might as well.

    Thank you greatly for your time.

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    Damn Jen, I'm sorry to hear that. I'll keep a lookout for some of this stuff.
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    Sorry to hear that Jen. I doubt anything will float down this far but I will be happy to keep an eye for you. I really could use the 4 drawer tool chest. =)

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    Man, if someone stole my tools I would explode.

    I'm so glad I moved away from that area. The whole DC metro area is a cryin' shame. Good luck getting your insurance to pay for that stuff. Hopefully you get lucky.
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