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Thread: Have a Nitrous question? Check this out first!

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    Have a Nitrous question? Check this out first!

    Our FAQ section has a great write up that can answer most questions regarding Nitrous. If you read it over and still have questions, please feel free to ask, but read this through first.

    [Link to Nitrous FAQ Section]
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    Sweet! My FAQ has been added
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    that is a great faq! lots of info and easier for people to understand than most.

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    There are a few things that need to be corrected ....I will finish reading over it and offer my suggestions.

    I realize I am new here but I work in tech support for a nitrous company and have been racing a nitrous car for over 10 years now.

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    Sorry for taking so long to get back to goes.

    "Timing Retard
    A nitrous/fuel mixture increases the burn rate in the cylinder, and typically adding a few degrees of timing retard is recommended for safety. A rule of thumb is two degrees per 50hp of nitrous, but this will also reduce the power generated. When I tune my system, I monitor engine knock, and retard the timing only enough to eliminate the knock, which is usually about one degree per 50hp. At the track, under harder conditions (actually pulling the weight of the car, possibly higher outdoor temperatures, etc) I'll add a degree of retard."

    Pulling timing out of the car gets the combustion started at the right point in the crank rotation. The extra cylinder pressure cause the burn rate to speed up, that why you retard the timing. This can actually INCREASE hp while on the bottle. Yes you would lose power NA if you pull the timing all the time. There are many controllers on the market that allow you to pull timing only when the nitrous system is active.

    It is best to pull more timing than you think you need, then slowly add timing back until you no longer pick up HP/mph or start to see sign of detonation.
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