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Thread: Customizing Your Account

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    Customizing Your Account

    To customize your account and its settings, first log into the User Control Panel by clicking the "User CP" option located in the top menu under the main logo. You will only see this option if you are logged into your account.

    Edit Signature:
    A signature is displayed by default after every post you create on the messageboard. Your signature will also be displayed in your user profile. The maximum length of your signature is restricted to 450 characters. It will not read HTML tags, but it will read board tags, image tags, and smilies. We request that any image used in a signature have a maximum height of 100 pixels with a 600 pixels width. If people do not follow this, we have no choice but to remove your signature. Sorry - we don't want obnoxious images! Anything deemed obnoxious will have consequences.

    Edit Email and Password:
    To edit your email and password, you must first enter your current password. After that is entered, you will be able to change both fields. If you have lost your password, please fill out the contact form located on the Contact Us page.

    Edit Profile:
    In your profile you will find many fields that help tell the community a little bit about yourself. The more people know, the more they are willing to help. Don't feel that it's necessary to fill everything out, but if you do choose to fill in every field, it will make others more willing to help you in the future.

    Edit Options:
    There are many options that can be toggled to make your experience how you want it on this board. In this pane, you can control Login & Privacy, Messaging & Notification, Thread and Display Options, Time and Date Options, and Miscellaneous Options.

    Edit Avatar:
    An avatar acts just like a signature except it displayed with your username when you make a post. An avatar image is restricted to 75 width in pixels, by 75 height in pixels. The maximum size is 20,000 bytes. You can either upload an image to the site or host it on an external server.

    Edit Profile Picture:
    A profile picture is exactly what it implies: A larger picture that can be seen when viewing a profile. A profile picture is restricted to 200 width in pixels, by 150 height in pixels. The maximum size is 50,000 bytes.

    Other Options:
    Additional options such as Private Messages, Thread Subscriptions, along with Miscellaneous options, can be configured as well within the User Control Panel.

    If you have any questions with configuring your user account, please feel free to make a post in this forum and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks and happy posting!
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