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Thread: Texas' Top Ten

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    mah its ok for what it is on the dyno it ran a 8.5 in the 1/8th but that was with 100% traction. the car should 60' in the low 1.8's to high 1.7s but these 555R's suck. even after a long burn out i still cant stick it any better then a 1.9. that 8.6 was with a 3.3" pulley and only making 5 psi of boost (stock is like 7-8 psi) we just got a 3.0" pulley for it its waiting to go on but i would like to get a wide band for it because im pretty sure we are close to max on the stock injectors. I can tune it with my lap top but the stock narrow band doesnt tell much at WOT.

    on the dyno it only put down 274 WHP and 280 WTQ max but was over 250 WHP from about 2500rpm until 6000 rpm so its got a huge torque curve. i think thats what makes the difference it might not have big numbers but that it keep the numbers helps alot.

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