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Thread: Cutout Sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by L67
    So like Chris' when it still ran?
    minus the camage, yea.

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    My GTP with open TOG's in a garage. Sorry i didnt romp on it but this is just idle.
    [email protected] w2.043 60'

    98 GTP - 3.2/3.4" ZZP MPS, , ZZP SC coupler, GMPP catback exhaust, WizAir cold air box, INTENSE standard PCM, TOG headers, 3in custom dp with no cat/ubend, Autolite 104's @.055, Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3's @ 245/50/16

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    Quote Originally Posted by L67
    Can you describe it some though? weedwacker on crack huh?

    Does every1 know what I meen when I say that popping noise? the cracking sound some trucks make? I know it isnt going to be low and throaty but will it at least be one sound or just a series of pops? I know I probobly dont make much sense...
    I think the popping noise you are talking about is when you get on the gas and let off? I believe it's caused by the outside air rushing back into the pipe from lack of back pressure.

    I have a clip of my exhaust posted in the exhaust clip thread here, should be pretty similar to what a cut-out would sound like.
    2004 CompG: 3" downpipe, 3" Straight Pipe

    [email protected](3.3" & LRI only)

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