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  1. I have a tune that I'm ready to try on my car, (which has got some pretty hush-hush stuff getting done right now) I just cant make changes to the tune and save it.

    And yes, i would be happy to look at anything that you have to show.
  2. no, but I would be happy to send you some stuff to check out. Or perhaps I'll show you the timing table I'm using and a data log or 2. ERic
  3. Sorry for taking so long to reply. I suffered a nasty internet "false alert" trojan attack. I though t that I had all but completely lost my tune. I used the timing table from another project and tweaked the settings a bit to allow e85 fuel adj and knock retard and flat-shifting.

    The only problem that I'm having is that I seem to be unable to save any changes to my tune. Do you have any idea how to look up the "log file"?
  4. My computer got attacked and my registry files got corrupted. After I restored the system, tuner studio stopped working so Im gonna assemble a custom computer for exclusive use in the car and restart the project. Its too bad really... I had a complete tune ready for testing.
  5. Hey, how is the Megasquirt progress? I am looking for a spark table for our cars specifically a boost table? Do you have one? What about a good AFR table? I had some from Turbo but didn't know if you could help me out?
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