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  1. Check your email, dude.
  2. Sorry that I am an idiot and spelled your name wrong in my email I feel like a moron!
  3. Geoff!

    Whats going on dude!? Sorry, its taken me almost a week to write you back. I emailed you back to your yahoo address.

  4. Chris-

    I haven't heard from you in a while, and I lost your email addy. I'm on month 6 of a 9 month pump to afghanistan. Kandahar has about 100 USAF slick C-130's, and sometimes I wonder if any of them are you or your squadron. I just wanted to drop a line and see how you are doing. Email me back if you have time. I'd love to talk deployments with you if you have any questions.

    Do you ever talk to andrew anymore?

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