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  1. Dick Durbin = The BIGGEST Asshat
  2. Anyone following that Sheehan woman at Bush's Ranch?
  3. I cant believe New orleans
  4. Germans to investigate and charge Rumsfeld...
  5. With the Presidential election already heating up
  6. When are these political yahoos going to stop pandering to religious nut jobs??
  7. Hilary Clinton announces presidential bid
  8. State of the Union
  9. Barack, you have some splainin' to dooooo
  10. 2008 Presidential Race
  11. min wage increase...
  12. Holy invading socialism
  13. Bush Countdown Clock
  14. Candidate compatability
  15. BP caught price fixing propane
  16. Military asks wounded soldiers to return portions of their sign on bonuses
  17. Time to pay attention to the Candidates
  18. Huckabee and Obama win Iowa
  19. Obama's church
  20. I weep for the future of America
  21. I'm starting to see why people don't vote
  22. Dont know who to vote for? Take this quiz..VERY ACCURATE
  23. John McCain
  24. politics and religion spin-off thread
  25. new oil industry tax!?
  26. So i tried to go see Hillary Clinton...
  27. Gov't gives the french a contract over us
  28. Official Caucus Rants
  29. Who Got the IRS Notice?
  30. If you're not sure how you feel about Obama...
  31. Where do you think america will be in 25 years...
  32. were all pretty much gonna die
  33. Who watched the presidential debate last night? NOT an "i hate this candidate" thread
  34. Analysts say gas may hit $10 a GALLON
  35. Ay Ay Ay Union workers
  36. Al Qaida....
  37. So Obama thinks theres 57-59 states...discuss :)
  38. Am I the only one who finds this disgusting?
  39. even in japan...
  40. Fuel prices
  41. How America can achieve true energy independence ...?
  42. Anti-Americanism is making me sad.
  43. Thank you G.W. bush for reducing my debt!
  44. Supreme Court strikes down DC ban on guns
  45. Obama wants a Civilian Army...scary
  46. What Obama really said
  47. Russia invades another country today
  48. Obama's plan for the Second Amendment
  49. Obama has a VP
  50. gustav
  51. McCain chooses woman as VP running mate
  52. North Korean Anti American Propaganda
  53. Do we not see a potential problem with this?
  54. F you, opec.
  55. House passes drilling bill
  56. Black and Silver american flag....
  57. Wallstreet Bailout
  58. Bailout plan fails to pass through house of representatives
  59. Military?
  60. Well I'm not surprised...
  61. old people should or shouldnt drive
  62. shock politics
  63. Are the new sections necessary?
  64. Palin
  65. FTV6 Exit Poll
  66. Who do you expect to win the election?
  67. Somalian pirates
  68. should we revise the requirments for president?
  69. *cough-cough..BS..cough*
  70. No Piggyback Bill Law?
  71. Non-Voters
  72. Do you agree with the Libertarian party?
  73. nostradamus predicts obama
  74. Stamp out atheists in America
  75. I get to vote tomorrow
  76. What would you do
  77. Obama's Grandmother died today
  78. What do you think about conceal carry?
  79. Obama wins
  80. Mccain Bows Out
  81. Bar-stool economics
  82. So...why is the entire world happy about Obama?
  83. Congrats to everyone here
  84. Schwarzenegger: $4.4B in tax hikes to end deficit
  85. Obama's new website change.gov is up
  86. Sarah Palin Impersonator
  87. GM almost out of cash.....
  88. Is this the change everyone wanted?
  89. How do you feel about decriminalizing Marijuana
  90. What issue most influenced your vote?
  91. Picture discussion.
  92. Real Estate Taxes
  93. Gay Marriage?
  94. Gore urges US to try for 100% renewable energy in 10yrs
  95. China unveils 586 billion stimulus plan...spends it on infrastructure
  96. Gore revised - little fossil fuel use in 10 years, renewable in 30?
  97. Laser Fusion Energy
  98. 666...
  99. Stem Cell Research
  100. Bailout for Credit Card companies?
  101. The death penalty
  102. US troop withdrawal
  103. Big 3 bailout
  104. Life support?
  105. Obama's Citizenship in question....?
  106. Hate Crimes
  107. Zomg, Chinese want to buy Big 3?
  108. Guess what? It's not our money!
  109. Obama is going to pay for my gas and mortgage
  110. The rule for Debate threads
  111. Globalization
  112. Big parties and private jets...
  113. Al-Qaeda leader talks about Obama's victory
  114. Richard Belzer previews Obama's Inauguration address (NWS)
  115. Say What!!!
  116. Per Grimm's suggestion
  117. If the election had been different...
  118. should we clone neanderthal man?
  119. Energy crisis?
  120. :Sighs: People will complain about ANYTHING (Thanksgiving)
  121. Insider Trading
  122. Russian Predictions of our Country...I sort of like it :)
  123. The best thing I've seen written about Obama
  124. GM to axe Saab, Saturn, and Pontiac?
  125. If you're still trying to understand the economy right now
  126. Obama Names Paul Volcker...
  127. New World Order
  128. GM restructuring press release
  129. Obama dropping the windfall tax idea for oil companies
  130. Unfair process for US Automaker "Bailout"
  131. Test Tube Meat?
  132. Obama's Pick For Veteran's Affairs Secretary
  133. Chicago Heights Suburb Takes New Stance on Marijuana
  134. Satriani vs Coldplay
  135. Supreme Court rejects Obama citizenship suit
  136. Il. Governor and Chief of Staff arrested this AM by the FEDS
  137. Auto bailout v. "This is outrageous"
  138. Richard Syron
  139. The auto bailout has failed...
  140. New Credit Card rules to be voted on Thursday
  141. Automakers get the bailout afterall
  142. RIAA to stop suing indivduals
  143. FBI seizes building in Manhattan
  144. Maybe it is a new day in America
  145. Global warming, Energy Independence, and not seeing the larger picture.
  146. Cash for Clunkers
  147. Burris
  148. Gas tax
  149. Cash for clunkers enacted! (small catch)
  150. Temporary nationalization of banks
  151. Inauguration, who is watching?
  152. Does anyone else have a problem with this?
  153. The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises
  154. Presidential Pledge..This is Creepy
  155. Explosive Video Reich, Obamas economic advisor no "White Male Construction Workers"
  156. NC campus cops arrest and pepper spray students having a snowball fight
  157. Jay-Z and Young Jeezy sing...."My black president"
  158. Coach fired for winning.
  159. Should states regulate emissions?
  160. Our new president can chalk up a first
  161. Changefest '09 - Obama's Inaugural Speech
  162. 75,000
  163. stimulus bill (H.R. 1: the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009)
  164. Economy affecting your Mods?
  165. Wow- Latina denied "Dream Job" because she doesn't "Speak White"
  166. Angry senator wants pay cap on Wall Street 'idiots'
  167. Foreclosures and squatting, your take?
  168. This is rich
  169. My opinion: This is a serious improvement
  170. Stimulus Bill cut to $780 Billion
  171. This is what this country needs
  172. Marijuana reform?
  173. GM spending Bail Out money in Brazil
  174. Another "assassination" attempt
  175. Parents giving minors alcohol
  176. Déjà Vu for Microsoft
  177. The Dead Chimp cartoon
  178. The stimulus bill - everyone's a critic
  179. Second amendment being attacked
  180. Situation in Mexico
  181. Selling Alcohol on Sundays?
  182. 'Credit Score Enhancement Program'
  183. should the Crew chief have shook the Presidents hand?
  184. Obama Releases Al-Qaeda Terrorist
  185. Calif. lawmaker introduces bill to legalize pot
  186. Bobby Jindal
  187. Wonder why the stock market continues to drop?
  188. Who makes a better president?
  189. Who will remain responsible and pay their mortgage?
  190. Buying Import V. Domestic
  191. Obama: Troops to leave Iraq 19 months after inaguration
  192. GM Auditors 'Substantial Doubt' they can survive...
  193. Sexual Consent- What exactly is it?
  194. What will happens to Prices if GM goes under.
  195. Should we boost ethanol requirements?
  196. congress gets $5K raise
  197. No coverage of Iranian election - why?
  198. Should lesbian be allowed to wear a tux to her prom?
  199. Common myths about global warming
  200. Obamas proposed plan for those wounded in action
  201. Goodbye Mr. Winter
  202. Charging for 911 calls
  203. Continued unscrupulous credit card company practices
  204. Please sign this petition.
  205. Legislation to Tax Bonus Money from Federal Bailout Funds
  206. Cops gets slap on wrist for ramming van full of children
  207. Has anyone tried buying any ammo lately?
  208. President's plan to make charitable donations "fair"
  209. Fear not skeptics!
  210. lol, Obama fired GM CEO today
  211. Historic times for governments everywhere
  212. U.S. will guarantee GM, Chrysler warranties, Obama says
  213. Violent Video Games = Violent kids?
  214. End the women's right to vote?
  215. Barney Frank to control Salaries of TARP companies??
  216. Do you smoke? If so, you got boned.
  217. Democrats and Poor Kids
  218. F-22 and others on the budget chopping block
  219. governemt hands controlling banks?
  220. GM - in intense bankruptcy preparations
  221. Harold and Kumar go to the White House
  222. Climate Engineering...
  223. Harold and Kumar go to the White House Part 2 (more than "discuss")
  224. Shouldnt Sec. of State have accurate information?
  225. I think it is about that time.
  226. Harvard astrophysicist: Sunspot activity correlates to global climate change
  227. Carrying a gun!
  228. Private Security The Solution?
  229. Disrespect towards Marines? Military in general? (Music Video)
  230. Tea Parties
  231. California proposes magazine registration ...Police state
  232. Let's put this in perspective
  233. Miss California
  234. Russia moves troops closer to Georgia's capital.....
  235. Fertility expert claims he put cloned embryos in 11 women
  236. Disband the USAF?
  237. Disband the USMC?
  238. Taliban moving in on the Paki capitol.
  239. Dictatorship Motors
  240. Obama proposes to outlaw tax evasion techniques
  241. The White House threatens Chrysler investors
  242. Fundamentalist School Goes too Far?
  243. My Wife is Hot; I am God
  244. Who's up for a Soda Tax?
  245. Some Notre Dame Seniors Say No to Graduation
  246. Nancy Pelosi...
  247. Senate votes to block funds for Guantanamo closure
  248. Birmingham Police beat unconscious suspect after car chase
  249. Homosexuals serving openly in uniform?
  250. It's a TARP!