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  1. New Forum!
  2. Roll Call time!
  3. whos getting out?
  4. Overseas rumors
  5. Military Media
  6. Just about made a civvie cry
  7. Training for Combat Rescue Officer
  8. Malice: 1, NMCI: 0
  9. So is this like Jons personal forum??
  10. New Uniforms
  11. exercise = gay
  12. Hello, from Ramstein AFB...
  13. Time in grade and time in service bitches!!
  14. LAST FEX ever!!
  15. Wow! I get home and I get this news from my home station...
  16. Rumor no more...
  17. Apparently 7 months...
  18. hatred on each service branches.
  19. Ok everybody...
  20. How long is navy bootcamp?
  21. Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
  22. My tech school...
  23. the MEPS sucks!
  24. question from an ignant civilian...
  25. Just finished up officer field training
  26. Goodbye
  27. Happy 4th
  28. Just Sworn In.
  29. M.P.s
  30. Just joined the USAF
  31. Is your wife an active military wives member?
  32. Meeting with recuriter tonight
  33. Is this cowardly or what?
  34. yooooooo
  35. Results are in...
  36. Anyone at Hill AFB?
  37. Patriot Guard Riders
  38. Kinda bitter about this
  39. Indiana = Corn
  40. oakley Military discounts
  41. So who made it? E-5 promotion cycle 06
  42. Ugh, getting back into the saddle...
  43. Shipping out to basic
  44. The salute thread....
  45. Kuwait
  46. Effing Air Show!
  47. I'm on terminal leave bitches!!!!!
  48. A tribute to Marine Corps Aviation
  49. Dining In tonight...
  50. Happy Veterans Day
  51. Altitude chamber and Spin & puke....
  52. Helo Dunker
  53. holidays suck
  54. Plans after graduation
  55. Awsome safety brief...
  56. yay I'm out of basic
  57. How a Marine Says GoodBye
  58. Just finished basic myself
  59. Poem written by a Marine for christmas
  60. happy holidays my fellow veterans.
  61. I'm speechless...
  62. Malice's Flight Training log
  63. Malice beat me to it!
  64. The Leftenant's War
  65. My admin Gunny is awesome!!! (sarcasm)
  66. Radio Call Signs
  67. Expanding troop numbers
  68. AF SSGT in Playboy nude.
  69. Behold, the F-35
  70. Blackwater
  71. Every time i meet a Soldier.....
  72. any one near Moody AFB, GA?
  73. opinions
  74. Like to race? SCCA has Active Duty military membership discounts!
  75. Malice's Log Q/A Thread
  76. A joke for Malice
  77. AF websites?
  78. Military funny!!!
  79. Remember that War Objector Lt?
  80. Hilarious story thread
  81. Malice Hard at work
  82. Going to the altitude chamber tomorrow
  83. Coast Guard here I come!
  84. Well, USCG MST it is... question about "gauranteed school"
  85. Bikes
  86. MS Office 2007 for $19.95 for military members
  87. Going to Brooks Air Force Base for my Flight Class 1 physical
  88. Anyone in/been to Barksdale AFB?
  89. PRT around the corner
  90. Got my AFROTC Field Training assignment, tips?
  91. Outta here may 22nd
  92. This is just cheating....
  93. Reenlistment time
  94. anthrax shot
  95. Great sucess!!!
  96. Malices new flight partner
  97. Brother is in testing for Staff
  98. Ok need some help guys
  99. I got CH-46'S
  100. Back From Field Training!
  101. Enlisted in the Marine Corps
  102. military ppl : what branch and what jobs did u go in for?
  103. Thought You Guys Would Like This!
  104. AIT Sucks
  105. Need honest advice. not what the recruiter tells me
  106. need some advice
  107. Give me all you know, facts not here say.
  108. Navy Advice
  109. Very not happy
  110. Official SSGT results thread!
  111. This one's for you Malice... (found a CD full of pics)
  112. Finally got my first assignment
  113. Jet Piloting
  114. Asvab
  115. Fam Flight
  116. Silly things I see on base
  117. Were goin' ballistic!!!
  118. Any Airforce members stationed in.....
  119. Promotion Soon
  120. NAS Pensacola..
  121. Lots of random pics *NWS* For some gore at the end.
  122. Who did I piss off?
  123. Leaving on Monday
  124. Happy Veterans Day.
  125. Gah, military angers me sometimes
  126. My new MOS - 15b. Gonna fix me turbines.
  127. My new flight instructor...
  128. Where is everyone at??
  129. Finally
  130. AFAST testing.....
  131. Graduating...Finally
  132. Got my first ride on a CV-22!!
  133. yay for BAH increase
  134. need help
  135. deployment question
  136. Job update
  137. Going to talk to a Navy Recruiter today
  138. E-4 here i come!
  139. Finally got my E5
  140. silverado2003ss soundoff!
  141. OMFG. Check this out.
  142. First Trap!
  143. I hate ORI's
  144. advice
  145. T34C Crash
  146. F-16 crash at Luke
  147. ahaha LOL OMFG they have to be kidding
  148. freedom!!!
  149. Yay! I'm deploying again.
  150. Checked into my permanent squadron today..
  151. Ghey Ghey Ghey
  152. WTF. Mil to Mil marriage can be bunk together...
  153. 1/8, here I come
  154. WLC here I come....
  155. IFS here I come
  156. use your star card at office depot (online)
  157. night solo
  158. cool little signature maker site
  159. Just got my AFSC. Where do I go to find what bases support it for my 53?
  160. Required Military Reading
  161. Talked to an Air Force recruiter
  162. Rack em'.
  163. Afghanistan here I come...
  164. So, who's been to Vandenberg AFB and how is it?
  165. what's your favorite weapon?
  166. Hmm, how true is this?
  167. The RCMP
  168. #1 and #2 AF officials are being force to retire.
  169. I'm thinking about doing something stupid
  170. Advanced yesterday to E-4
  171. Possible warrant officer?
  172. Guess who made TSgt!
  173. Looking to join up as an NFO
  174. Peace Corps/Volunteering Question
  175. FWD'd Email from my dad: Largest Re-Enlistment Cerimony
  176. Help me figure out if a this guy is a Navy S.E.A.L. or not
  177. Am I being too mean?
  178. FP's rant
  179. Getting the hell out of here
  180. So who here are currently deployed?
  181. Pqs?
  182. Deadly Afghan Spider Hitches Ride Home With U.K. Soldier, Kills Family Dog
  183. I'm going to share my excitement to you guys.
  184. Leaving Tuesday.
  185. Here I am in Mississippi
  186. hello from haifa
  187. time for a new uniform?
  188. Interviewing with the USMC on Thursday
  189. Happy BF US NAVY!
  190. DITY move calculator?
  191. Official Discharge
  192. where will Malice go next?
  193. Army National Guard
  194. Active Duty: Can't view credit report online?
  195. Blue Angels Down one bird
  196. HBD Marines!!!
  197. basic changes
  198. welcome back Marodout!
  199. Insurance Question
  200. Starting to like the Military already...
  201. I was plum surprised...
  202. Some pictures from my first solo ride in the T-6
  203. tips and tricks on creasing your shirt?
  204. UA's/AWOL's
  205. Mypay
  206. I'm fit to fight!!!!
  207. Anyone near the Ft. Riley, Manhattan, Junction City Area?
  208. Just got my disability!!!!!
  209. So Im at the Drury Inn....
  210. Quick Question
  211. Question
  212. Bahrain.
  213. Naval Hospital
  214. Maybe getting chaptered...
  215. does getting in trouble mess your orders up?
  216. Question for anybody who is in or has been in Texas
  217. So we were told the Detailers "scrubbed out their list"
  218. Moving to Alaska
  219. Biology or research related jobs in the military
  220. General opinion question
  221. Shipping parsels to Iraq
  222. Any advice?
  223. Im going into the navy in may
  224. Non-american in the US armed forces
  225. Opinions on wedding attire
  226. almost home...
  227. Commissioning in May, Got my EAD and ASBC report date.
  228. freeze on ship repairs...
  229. Questions About Air Force Medical Scholarship Program
  230. I leave August 4th
  231. Post 9/11 GI Bill
  232. Does this come off as significant to you?
  233. with love, from iraq
  234. Uniform Allowance!
  235. Hooah, Made it through basic/AIT.
  236. Dog Tags
  237. So I'm close to joining the Army.
  238. So I'm going to join the USAF
  239. Army Money????
  240. New orders...
  241. U.S. ARMY Questions
  242. Horrible shooting qualification
  243. Old Guard stuff
  244. Got My Evaluation :D
  245. E5 is now attainable
  246. E3 woot.
  247. first deployment got questions
  248. Anybody Been To Africa?
  249. Fort Gordon????
  250. Overseas People! You Will Love This!